Vancouver Compost Garden

Our Demonstration Garden sits on more than a quarter of an acre of land in the heart of Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood. We began cultivating these vacant lots in 1981 and have developed a lush teaching space that is unique in the city. There are five garden areas maintained by our staff. A waterwise native plant garden, a climate change adaptation garden, an organic food garden, an outdoor classroom, and a biodiversity garden.

Staff are on hand six days a week to provide tours for individuals or groups and to provide advice on all compost and garden subjects.

Call our Hotline with any gardening questions. 604-736-2250


Biodiversity Garden

This is our most tranquil garden. Birds and bees love it and so will you. Many say it reminds them of a peaceful place on the Gulf Islands. Our insect hotel, and fairy garden are children's favourites. And the wall of hop plants, that we make into beer each year, inspires adults.  


Climate Change Adaptation Garden

Our newest garden replaces an office building that was recently torn down. Beds, shaped like butterfly wings, have been filled with commercial compost made from household green waste. Out-of-zone plants, such as olives, lemons and limes, are featured here.


Organic Food Garden

This is the original garden, dug out of a parking lot in 1981. Since that date, it has been strictly 'organic', and has been gardened by seven exceptional head gardeners. You'll see gooseberries and asparagus along with all our unique rodent-resistant compost bins.  An exotic cob tool shed with green roof sits in this part of the site. See our beginnings in this article from Harrowsmith Magazine.



The outdoor teaching area has been the location of our very popular 'Wormshops', subsidized by the City of Vancouver.

Waterwise Boulevard Garden

We removed the grass on the boulevard and put in a variety of plants that survive both the heavy rains of winter and the dry months of summer.



City Farmer's office is located at 2150 Maple Street. This is the home of Metro Vancouver's 'Compost Hotline'. 

Life at the Garden

Aerial Video of the Compost Demonstration Garden by Earl Havlin. August, 2016

City Chase brought a few hundred explorers to the Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden as part of a unique urban adventure. 

The media visit the Compost Garden often and help us reach a large audience.