Music Video Filmed at Garden

Vancouver Musician Releases Song Tribute to Urban Food Gardens

2012. We were delighted to host the Buckman Coe film crew at the Compost Garden  this summer.


We’ve been talking about this way too long sister,
I want to see this succeed
And you know I won’t just be sitting there on the sidelines
I’ll be out there planting seeds

She says, “Love Ain’t Love if it Ain’t For Everything”
That’s why she’s my baby, that’s why she’s my Queen
Love For All Living Things

So we started with a plot in a neighbour’s yard
With a couple of friends and a bottle of wine,
You know it wasn’t too hard
You don’t know how good it feels,
To eat your own tomatoes and string beans

And it all began with a story that she told me,
About some punks down in Mexico City
They had no jobs so they got their hands dirty
In abandoned lots making Gardens of Plenty

Michael Levenston