Iron Gate Tells Railway History

Created By Davide Pan

During the summer of 2016, metal artist Davide Pan created a new window/gate at the Compost Garden. It faces the City of Vancouver’s new Arbutus Greenway. The Greenway corridor, recently purchased from the Canadian Pacific Railway, stretches 11 kilometres from near downtown Vancouver to the Fraser River.

The window/gate is made of “obtainium”, materials that were collected and recycled from close to our location. Most striking in the assemblage are parts from the century old railway, such as spikes left behind by the crews who took up the old tracks. This iron is of a very high quality and many of the figures in the gate are designed from these pieces.

See photos of the gate being built. 

Evening, August 31, 2016, Davide Pan, metal sculptor, building a new gate for City Farmer.
The artist climbs to the top of the gate to weld additional metal to the structure.
Michael Levenston