Vancouver Urban Sketchers Visit City Farmer

Sketcher’s Blog
May 29, 2017


Vancouver enjoyed warm temperatures and blue skies this weekend. Beaches were packed. Bicycles were busy on the streets and pathways. Shops and patios were full. It was perfect for a quiet afternoon getaway into the garden with a sketchbook.

Ten of us from the Vancouver Urban Sketchers arrived at City Farmer in Kitsilano for a couple hours of careful observation. Leaves, flowers, gates, structures, people, and tools! Neighborhood details peeked in over the greenery. Tall trees provided shade. Eclectic ornamentation captured our attention. Bees hummed about, collecting pollen in the wisteria. Lupines were vibrant and plentiful. And worms! We learned about composting worms. All this life – together.

Our hosts from City Farmer, Mike and Lindsay, were super friendly and happy to have us there. It felt nice to be there with them, too.

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